April 14, 2012

my son - elliot

well, here is the reason for my absence... a beautiful baby boy! 
elliot was born on august 19th, 2011
in these pictures he is 7 months & 2 weeks old

he is a funny little boy, constantly making noise (even in his sleep)
smiles a lot, laughs a lot!
he is most animated before his bath in the evenings
he just gets so excited - sometimes he just screams at the top of his lungs. for fun of course!
these pictures were taken during out pre-bath play time

 his fuzzy hair and gummy smile get me every time

one of my favorite parts of his nursery.  this little shelf holds books given to Elliot by a close friend, my childhood stuffed animal Fivel, my husband's childhood stuffed animal Odie, Elliot's baptismal gift from our church and a little figurine given by a close relative.  the flags that hang as a border in the nursery were made by my dear friend for one of our baby showers. the silver E is from anthropology

before a splash attack (hand model: Matt Nunn)

hello handsome

April 13, 2012

love is sweet

after almost a year without posting... i'm back!
i had the honor of helping throw this bridal shower for a life-long friendthere she is now! the bride-to-be glowing & stoked about opening gifts!

im ashamed to admit that this was the first time i've had a macaroon. it was amazing & i can't wait to eat 1,000 more.

a beautiful shower guest (my 95 year old grandmother) admiring pictures of the bride & groom

shower favors (a single tulip in an IKEA vase)

location & food: amelie's french bakery charlotte, nc
flowers: harris teeter
banners: DIY by yours truely

June 27, 2011

little man birthday party

Knox's 1st birthday party was all about the little man. there were mustaches, ties, a bouncy house and delicious, manly treats for all to enjoy!
the little man and his momma

welcome board

sisters with mustaches

a little man and his first cupcake

mustache cupcakes (so yummy!)

January 28, 2011

asheville, nc

for my birthday this year, my husband and i went to asheville, nc. this city has a special place in our hearts because it was where we made our first home as husband and wife. we spent most of our time eating in delicious restaurants like tupelo honey cafe ( i had friend chicken and green beans), the wool worth's lunch counter, doc chey's noodle house (OUR FAVE!!!), barley's taproom, mountain java and west end bakery. i'm not one to take pictures in restaurants, so most of these shots are of our lovely walks outside.

here i am, enjoying every last drop of a latte at the french broad chocolate lounge

the front porch at our friend's house

the view from where we stayed (at our friend's house)

the sky at beaver lake

we lived down the street from the beautiful beaver lake 2 years ago

the canoes were all lined up

on our way out of town we stopped for a snow hike in black mountain. it was the most beautiful hike i've ever been on.

i spotted these small, dry blooms coming up out of the snow
they were gorgeous!

January 26, 2011

knox & snow

like most of the north/southeast of the US, we received a nice little visit from jack frost this year.

always have, always will.

here is a glimpse of our winter wonderland

and of course, we had a little photo shoot with knox (my nephew) in the snow. he was such a good sport. his blue eyes and readily available smile were perfect against a white backdrop!

(with his mama)

December 29, 2010

glimpse of christmas

i hope you had a joyful holiday filled with family, friends and food! here is a glimpse of my christmas! enjoy!

christmas eve family football game

marla posing for her christmas photo

our very first REAL christmas tree!

this is how we always do christmas at my parents. gathered around the christmas tree with full bellies and happy hearts.

we had a white christmas! the first time since the 40s (so the first time in my whole life)!

December 5, 2010

fall light

crowder's mountain during autumn

i love how the light hits these dry blooms

taken outside of Columbia University, NYC

pine cones at crowder's mountain

taken with my camera phone on an evening walk

November 22, 2010

sweet tooth

saturday morning breakfast

dark chocolate graham cracker dipped in hot coffee is such a delight

November 7, 2010

November 4, 2010


I love this little guy! He is my HUGE 4 month old nephew. My sister is an amazing (and beautiful) mother, it has been amazing to see her step into her new role as a mom. Knox is a bit squirmy these days, but I managed to get a few shots, isn't he sweet?